Privacy policy

The following statement is IFAA website privacy rules

Your information will be saved and used in the USA, Brazil or any other country that IFAA, its representatives and affiliates are located. This information will be protected and saved on a controlled and safe environment.

As part of our commitment to your privacy, IFAA agrees to inform our information practices and notify you:
  • What organization is collecting your data
  • How the data will be used
  • To whom the data would be shared
  • What options the user has in regards to data collection, use and distribution
  • What type of safety procedure established to protect the loss, improper use, or data alteration controlled by IFAA
  • How to correct users data error
  • Questions in regards to this statement must be submitted to IFAA privacy coordinator

IFAA and user´s privacy

IFAA respect the user´s privacy rights and we understand that as website visitor, the user prefers to control his/her own data and personal preferences. When the user´s visits certain areas of to request information or when the user subscribes to IFAA bulletin board, we might ask the user to register, or to provide user´s data and personal preferences.

The services and advertising material presented in the IFAA site will be always in accordance with the current user’s preferences in order to maintain our commitment to protect the collected personal data.

If the user provides a name (or nickname), e-mail address, ZIP code and phone number, and check the option to be contacted by IFAA, IFAA and its representatives can use the provided data to inform the user about products updates, special offers, revised information, classes, new services, and any other information related to IFAA. IFAA representative can include added-value sales person and companies that have training permission. IFAA does not offer and does not permit selling data offered to third parties.

IFAA respects the rights given by the users when they opt accepting to receive e-mail communication, and keeps its internal policy to keep those rights. Our goal is keep our ability to maintain a long term communication with our users.

If the user doesn’t want IFAA, and its representatives to contact them, the user can cancel this option at any time, either on-line or by contacting IFAA directly. We offer a flexible choice of preferences which allows the users, at any time, to reconsider his/her decision to permit IFAA contact them, based on the user previous or modified preferences. If you need help to change your preferences, please read "How to contact" section.

If the user decides neither to register nor to provide the personal data, still the user can visit most of the IFAA web-site but he/she won’t have access to areas that requires personal identification.

How IFAA protects user´s personal data

IFAA WILL always protects user´s personal data. We save all the information received into a safe and controlled environment. For instance, if the user needs to change personal data online, all the required action will be made under SSL (Secure Socket Layers).

Occasionally, we hire third party Company to provide some services made in our behalf, including mailing and parcel services, customer service, and processing applications. We only provide to the third party, information necessary to perform the services, and we do not allow the use of this information for any other purposes.

If IFAA requests general demographical data, the information will be used only for statistical report; the members’ information will remain anonymous.

Occasionally, IFAA will offer a contest or special promotion sponsored by a third party company. To apply for these offers, we will request the user to provide personal data. If we have to share this personal data to a sponsor or sponsors, IFAA will send formal statement to the users.

IFAA will do the best to protect the user privacy, but in some cases it is possible that we will need to release personal data, for instance in legal matters, that in good faith, IFAA is obligate to provide personal data related to a judge order or any other legal obligation related to a lawsuit involving our website.

How to contact us

Use our customer service form, or write to us using our office address on this website.

To help IFAA to keep your personal data accurate and updated, please let us know any changes of name, address, phone number, e-mail, and our preferences as its changes. If need, at any time, to update any of your information or preferences, please feel free to contact us.

If you change your e-mail or postal address, please contact us. Include your last and current address, in order to properly make the corrections.


IFAA website can have links to other sites which doesn´t belong to IFAA. IFAA DOES NOT takes any responsibility related to the contents or rules and privacy practices of such websites. IFAA encourages its users to read these website links privacy statements, since they may have distinct privacy practice of IFAA's.